The amount of damage is about 4.5 million yen! Russian warehouse employees can not fall out of 30 graphic cards.

It is a CPU and graphic card that floors the price in various parts of the world due to the influence of mining of virtual currency and semiconductor shortage of worldwide, but in Russia, a graphic card is stolen about 4.5 million yen When an incident occurred, it was reported by the Dew Media Mash.

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Currently, Russia has an impact on export prohibited related to economic sanctions by Ukrainian invasion, and the price of graphic cards has more than other countries. According to the reporting, three employees working in the Russian Oteger EC site “ Wildberries ” “ Wildberries ” are “ NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 Ti ” from the warehouse working itself It is said that 20 sheets have been stolen. However, the situation is firmly recorded by the video camera in the warehouse, and it has been brought to the bookroom for its recurring, and the store that is “impedible in a large number of graphic cards can be brought in.” The side is reported to the authorities, founded as theft, and three suspects are identified by the police and the graphic card was seized.

Currently, in-Russia’s guidance, AMD and NVIDIA, a GPU’s two major manufacturers, are included, and it is also said that the Louvre cheaper due to SWIFT is added and the graphic card is treated as a luxury product. The graphic card equipped with the “NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 TI” that has been stolen this time is about 1.7 million yen for the EC site where the criminal worked was at least 170,000 rubles, and about 180,000 yen for Japanese yen at the time of article release. Compared to Japan’s market value, it is almost double in comparison of the same model, and is a price equivalent to the graphic card equipped with “NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti”, which is an upper model.

Even if the graphic card is no longer available in special serialization, the voice of Russian domestic dominance has also been delivered, but it can be said that it will be a case where the confusion will be transmitted again.

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