Bashing folders at VFB: first personnel consequences

Currently, the incidents are being recharged for the trailer to the trailer binsing folders from the police. Witnesses and participants are interviewed, evidence present evaluated. Since it is a running method, VfB does not want to express itself concretely.

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The escalation preceded was probably a dispute between two fans, whereupon the folders wanted to push the parties from the guest block. “Even there they went disproportionately hard before the violence escalated without the occasion and on one side completely,” wrote the “Fan Help Mönchengladbach”.

Due to the opinion of the security service provider SDS opposite the VfB, it should already be noted that individual folders have been disproportionately. From this, the company SDS GmbH & Co. KG already pulled personnel consequences.

Employees have to go to deescalation training

All employees should also be compulsory in the short term a further training for de-escalation and dealing with conflicts. In addition, the VFB and SDS already conduct first conversations about a mutual possible perpetrator sacrifice balancing between Gladbach fans and the folders concerned.

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