FIFA 23: Messi and Ronaldo, the end of his reign after so many years?

The release of the next Soccer Simulation game of EA Sports, FIFA 23 (or perhaps another different name), is scheduled for the end of 2022. Between the crossplay, changes in World Cup mode or even an expansion of female football, The game promises to be full of surprises.

It is possible that the latter is not a good augury for two of the most important stars of international football: Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo .

Elba Jonazo.

In Reddit, the User RNRJEDI (or SBKOXLY) raised this question: _ “FIFA 23 will mark the end of Messi’s reign and Ronaldo as players with better average?” _. To be righteous with reality, in FIFA 22, the player with the highest global assessment is Messi ( 93 ), followed by the Bayern Center of Munich Lewandowski ( 92 ) and Ronaldo ( 91 * ).

The user justified his question saying: _ “These two players have been declined in recent years and obviously deserve their status of 90, but given the current situation, I think other players could have a higher average, such as Mbappé, Salah or Lewandowski. What do you think? I think you would not risk too much when you go down your rating or put them at the same level as others next year! “_

The end of an era for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo? ‘Don’t write them off yet!’ | ESPN FC
The debate has been released and the REDDIT yarn has generated many reactions, both positive and negative . There is no doubt that in the light of the recent last day of Champions League, where Messi and Christian were not at all the reference of his teams, other players deserve the consideration they have had for so long.

MBAPPÉ at the top?

On the one hand, there are users who believe that other players such as Salah, Benzema or Mbappé deserve a valuation higher than that of Ronaldo and Messi; And on the other, there are those who consider them Legends of football , untouchable.

_ “You really have to look at Salah / Lewandowski / Benzema / Mbappé for the first positions. I do not see how FIFA could justify a rating higher than 90 for Ronaldo or Messi,” said HamidiateEffect. _ “I think it’s fair to say that it depends on whether you take into account the history of the player or not”, _ replied Haasecsgo.

Many of the names of large players of current soccer have returned to the responses of the community. To know If Messi and Ronaldo will keep your place between the first three , we will have to wait a little longer and wait for the launch of the long-awaited FIFA 23. Ah, and let us take into account that in Fut will take too little to have Special charters called, clear.

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