How to get the Ebon flint gun in Sea of Thieves

For those who like to perfect their _Mer of pirate thieves, you now have another chance to get the rare Ebon Flintlock gun in the game. Previously, you could not receive this pistol by connecting to specific dates to watch Inside Xbox in 2018 and 2019. You have a limited time to seize it.

Mer of thieves The rare developers celebrate the weekend of the bisextile year with the opportunity to enter the flint gun and the fishing rod in obsidian. You must connect to one of their TWITCH streamers checked for 30 minutes at any time from February 29th to March 2nd. When you look during the time allotted, the item becomes available for you as a Twitch deposit on your account. The EBON FLINTLOCK appearance is available from March 1st from 10h to 2nd March at 10am, giving you 24 hours to catch it.

You must connect your TWITCH account to your mer of thieves account to receive the article. You can do it at any time after the provision of the article. None of the Streamers in the approved list has time dedicated to the broadcast of the game, you may need to go through the list at the beginning of the event to find 1. When you do, activate it and run it in the background until you receive the item.

Twitch Drops - How to get the Ebon Flintlock & Obsidian Fishing Rod FOR FREE (Ended) Sea of Thieves

This is a quick event. You have 24 hours to catch the flint gun and the fishing rod in obsidian. None of these objects change the game or make you stronger than other players, but they look great.

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