Thats how Burn Afflecks new Batman suit was going

Before The Batman , Ben Affleck was going to star in his own film as the vigilant of Gothic city , but unfortunately, a series of problems avoided that the actor could go ahead with this project. Years after its cancellation we continue receiving new details about it, and the most recent of them shows us how it was going to be the new suit of it for this canceled feature film.

Keith Christensen, Conceptual Artist for the DCEU , revealed by Instagram Instagram of Him next:

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Ben Affleck’s Batman Suit That Was Meant For The Original The Batman Movie Has Been Released!

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According to Christensen , the idea behind this design was to give it to batman of affleck “a style composed of ballistic materials but without losing the classic touch of the hero”. Unless Batfleck Go use this suit at The Flash , it is most likely that we are never going to see it on the big screen.

Editor’s note: It is a pity that Batman’s film with Affleck will never see the daylight. For more incredible that the batman is, the vision that Affleck had on the character was truly interesting and the solo project sounded like something promising. We hope that the participation of it in The Flash satisfies the fans.

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