Nightingale intriguing illustrates its bestiary

At the end of last year, the Canadian Studio Inflexion Games announced the development of Nightingale . In the online game of Victorian inspiration, players embody the explorers of a world labyrinth leading them to venture more and more deeply in the kingdom of the fairies. Unsurprisingly, these worlds are populated by fantastic and often dangerous creatures, and the developer shares some illustrations of this bestiary, made by studio artists, Steve Klit or Amy Cornelson.

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For example, one discovers a giant hills , able to ravage the cities that the players will be able to erect in the worlds of the world of play. Or a harpy , whose mask hides a gaping mouth. The studio also illustrates a _ , formidable creatures, extremely aggressive and famous for attacking anyone approach. They have especially the particularity of being “ligated” (hence their name, the bounds, literally LIs) and according to the nightingal scholars, they would have been created by the magic… remains to be determined who would have had Vellales to create them to let go against humanity. It will obviously be one of the questions that will have to be answered in its exploration of the worlds of Nightingale.

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