In-app payment methods from today …

In the App Market, the Bulletin Business Law and the subconduct, which prohibit a certain payment method, are enforced from today (15th).

Unlike the discussion of the use of the Broadcasting Communications Commission and the use of the Broadcasting Communications Commission and the purposes of the Bureau of the Bureau of Bureau, Apple does not bring out the purpose of the law, and it is interested in discussion of sanctions due to the law violation of the law.

Last September, the world’s first global telecommunication business law that regulates the App Market Officer, followed by the National Assembly, followed by the Following the Enforcement Decree and the Government, and the subsequent laws of the State Council will be enforced.

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Google has allowed external payment systems and has already been applied to some. On the other hand, Apple does not submit a separate law compliance plan, and it is possible to use only existing self-payment methods in the current App Store, so it is inevitable to discuss punishment according to the domestic situation in violation.

Apple has revealed the position to follow the law after the passage of the In-app, but it has not been a real movement.

According to the implementation of an In-app payment method, an app market that can only use a specific payment method prohibited in the law is to continue the law violation state.

In order for Apple to follow the domestic law, it is possible to submit a plan such as a specific implementation period, a method, and a payment fee rate, and the discussion of the regulatory authority can be avoided. On the other hand, if the method of the law continues, it is inevitable to investigate the actual investigation of the equal to the assumption.

According to the notice of being a violation of the In-app payment law, Apple is difficult to avoid conditions such as status, forces, and unusual conditions on transactions. Depending on the Enforcement Decree, you can receive a disposal of the deposit by 2% of related sales.

In addition, if the government’s corrective command, including this, the water level may continue to increase.

“If Apple said,” If Apple does not implement the law of law on the National Assembly, it may be a problem for false testimony, “if not implementation,” said the implementation of the application for the purpose of diversifying the purposes of the app market is priority, If you do not resolve the violation status of this law, you can lead to sanctions, and you may not be able to do the consumer public opinion. “

Because it is a matter of interest in the National Assembly, Apple may continue to get the vagina of the domestic politics.

Prime Minister Kim, a former prime minister, has shown a strong commitment to the In-app’s payment law while the Treasury Conference on the next government.

Kim said, “As most of the people are using smartphones, the mobile app ecosystem is an important area that has a direct impact on the national lives.” “I am in a posture,” he said. “

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