FC Bayern: Brisante rumors

In the first round Leroy Sané is one of the central supports at FC Bayern. But current is the national player only noble joker. Allegedly, the 26-year-old fights again with well-known problems.

If FC Bayern would have denied his Champions League match against RB Salzburg on Monday evening, Leroy Sané would have played from the beginning. This has said coach Julian Nagelsmann, on Monday, as the media round before the eighth-final return leg rather than. Whether the 34-year-old will decide again this Tuesday? Well, an exciting question.

Because most recently, the coach had waived the DFB player twice in the nomination of his starting eleven. Something like this can always be explained, with load control for example.

But with Sané the thing should be different again. In training, he last not shown the 100% commitment. This reports the “picture”. The body language, which is a constantly recurring topic with him at Mesut Özil, should not have been convincing in preparation for the last games in the Bundesliga.

In fact, the 26-year-old had been replaced by Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen only after a good 60 minutes. At the victory against the Eintracht, he moved his role as a man from the bank in good energy and just reached the winning goal a few minutes after the substitution (1: 0).

FC Bayern: Doubts about Leroy Sané back

Still in the first round, the wing sprayer had been one of the great attractions in the game of Bayern. All doubts, who gave it again and again, they were suddenly away. Sané, who wants to be a different player, was now 1. In addition to Robert Lewandowski and Thomas Müller. And also in the game against the ball was the left foot handy and successful. Also so a thing that he used to be accused again and again.

And possibly brings him this past, because according to the “picture” Nagelsmann should no longer have the behavior in the defensive in recent weeks. Something that was already in the DFB team for a few times to athletic hit (Say Bank).

The trainer did not make the coach against the explosive game against the Austrians. He found almost only swarming words for his offensive player. “He is a player I do not refrain from, because he has the quality that has already gained us games. He is an incredible player who is not really defending when he goes to the border,” said Nagelsmann. A small but unmistakable criticism that seems to confirm the media report – but also nothing excludes: “Of course he is a candidate. I hope he is in the best constitution when he plays from the beginning.”

The constitution is at least no longer that of the first round. Sané is currently missing something for lightness and effectiveness. In the past seven games he only met twice and prepared no match. That had been different in the first round. In 34 competitive games this season are 13 goals and 13 templates in his balance sheet. A very good quota.

FC Bayern is on the test

The turn to the Sané of the first half of the season would help FC Bayern on this Tuesday night. In the first leg, the Munich long time were clearly worse team. Only a later hit by Kingsley Coman rescued the record champion (1: 1). The pressure did not reduce the goal. “If it does not go well,” the coach warned seriously, “is not a special season”. But his first at the success-effected Bayern equals a lost one.

The coach stands against the pressing machine from the Mozart city the complete leadership rates on the test bench: For the new board leader Oliver Kahn, an early one of a disaster would be the same, the purchasing policy of rounds council Hasan Salihamidzic would again critically questioned. “Only” to be mastered for the tenth time, would be too little and not his “claim,” underlined Nagelsmann.

Leroy Sané Defending Like Alphonso Davies
The fall height is enormous, one out of a club from the skining often stored in football would be an embarrassing novelty. “I’m not a black painter and do not assume that we leave,” well-known Nagelsmann.

To prevent this, in addition to a concentrated defense power, which was done in the past few weeks, but also the offensive game “modified”, as Thomas Müller now demanded. Robert Lewandowski, gave Nagelsmann, gets too few balls. A Sané in Best Constitution could help.

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