The structures of the DFB come back to the test

The original application package for the 44th ordinary Bundestag in the 122-year history of the association was already 161 pages strong. Before the meeting at the World Conference Center in Bonn, the amateur and profile warehouse then agreed on amendment and urgency applications, which have been further 82 pages and largely unanimously transformed.

Foundation of a structural commission

The so-called KG process, with which the DFB meets the requirements of a modern organization and simultaneously fulfill its ideal purpose, comes to the test bench. DFB GmbH & Co. KG, a 100% subsidiary of DFB E.V., took their work on January 1, 2022, but the structures should be questioned. “German football urgently needs a collapse of all its members and the willingness to reform-oriented changes to consolidate and expand football as a sport number 1 in Germany. The orientation of UEFA EURO 2024 offers a great opportunity and motivation that by the Structural Commission It must be used, “says in the adopted request.

The task of the Commission is to fundamentally organize and structurally analyze the Constitution of the DFB, including external experts and develop proposals for changes in DFB’s statutes and orders and / or the DFB institutions, central administration and subsidiaries. This should happen until the next Bundestag in the fall of 2025.

Instrumentation of the legal board

For a long time, it had been argued whether two league representatives continue to sit in the six-member statutory board of the association. Before the conference in Bonn, DFB and DFL agreed on the following request: “The President, the two 1. Vice-Presidents, the treasurer and the Secretary General, are the Management Board within the meaning of § 26 BGB (statutory board). In the electoral period 2022 to 2025 belongs In addition, the chairman of the DFL management to the statutory board. “

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Hans-Joachim Watzke is a DFL Supervisory Board of one of the two 1st DFB vice presidents, Donata Hops the chairman of the DFL management. In addition to DFB President Bernd Neuendorf, Treasurer Stephan Grunwald, General Secretary Heike Ullrich and Ronny Zimmermann as 1st DFB vice-president amateur / regional and national associations.

Compensation regulations and double earners

The DFL prevented the abolition of the Remuneration Committee in the negotiations before the DFB Bundestag. When determining the expense allowance, the remuneration regulations are based on the statutory remuneration of the Members of the German Bundestag. “When fixing the framework for the compensation of the Bureau members, the draft regulation moves in the result to the annual amounts set out in the last electoral period,” it is said in the request now adopted.

These have been € 2020 246,000 per annum for the President, 168,000 for the treasurer, 144,000 for the 1st Vice President regional and national associations, 78,000 for the 1st Vice President League and 63.600 for the Chairman of the DFL Management. The passage was deleted that the total compensation is capped in a simultaneous seat in high bodies of international associations. Practically, this does not come to wear because Peter Peters, who receives 228,000 euros annually for its headquarters in the FIFA Council, as well as Rainer Koch, who sits in the UEFA Executive Committee and receives 152,000 euros, not belong to the new DFB-Bureau.

No single decision of the Ethics Commission

At the end of the league, the following Passus was deleted in the statement of the statement as a way to set a procedure: “in recognizable, obvious and clearly simply stored cases, the chairman can decide without the participation of the other members of the Ethics Commission.” Dr. Irina Kummert, which was re-elected as Chairman, continue to have the consent of a part of the other Commissioners.

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