Where to find iron ore in minecraft 1.18

Where To Find ORES In MINECRAFT 1.18
It’s no secret that Minecraft has changed a lot over the years. If you enter the system for the first time since the launch of 1.18, then you probably have problems finding certain types of ore. The iron ore is extremely important during the first few hours of the game, but it is much more difficult to find it, just breathe a random mine.

As a rule, iron ore is most formed inside Mountains but can also be found between the coordinates y = -22 as well as y = 56 elsewhere. If you find a high mountain, it can change a little, with the advent of iron to y = 232 around y = 80 as your main starting point. That above you rise from Y = 80, the more iron ore you should find.

Mountains are your best chance to find iron ore, but you still have to remember that every world has its own unique GSH. This means that how much iron can you find, it will still depend on good luck.

Keep in mind that the game can choose a random appearance Iron Viennes But for most players it will be rare if you are not in the proper zone of the Renaissance.

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