[Limited time free] 7th anniversary urban construction shim “Cities: Skyline” EPIC Games Store Distributed in the store-VR version information is also possible for the launch source commemorative broadcast

Urban construction simulation “ Cities: Skylines ” of COLOSSAL ORDER development at the EPIC Games store has been launched for a limited time until midnight March 18th.

This game is the president, as the mayor, with water supply, electricity, roads, education and medical care that supports citizen’s lives and industry, and other public services, while balancing with the economy, developing urban development Single-play work aiming to maximize the maximum. By adding it to the library within this distribution period, you can play unlimitedly.

# # “Cities: Skyline”

Cities Skylines: FREE this Week Only on the Epic Games Store: Should you Play it?

# 7th anniversary broadcast new information of VR version is also released

Overseas time This work launched on March 10, 2015 on March 10, 2015, celebrated the 7th anniversary at the timing of free distribution.

In commemoration of this, live broadcasts were conducted on the official Twitch channel and official YouTube channel of the Solder of PARADOX Interactive.

About 50 minutes from the start of broadcasting, about “ Cities: VR ” scheduled to be released this spring is recorded on Meta Quest 2, and 9 maps are included at the time of sale, and new maps are scheduled after release Suggested that it is possible to talk about other VR platforms in the future. In addition, gameplay from the perspective that spreads to the map under the eye is also shown.

The free distribution next week is scheduled for a first-person viewpoint psychohorrower “ in Sound Mind ” where unique boss war is expanded.

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