Where to find a valiant ridge in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is full of bosses, both the main and optional, with which players should cope with the way to become Elden Lord. One of the optional bosses is a valiant Gargoyle. This boss can be difficult to find, as it is a little away, and it is easy to skip it.

The nearest place of grace cliffs facing the aqueduct, place of grace But players will first need to get to the underground part of the Siofra River before they can get to this place.

To get into the underground zone of the Siofra River, players need to go to the well of the Siofra River in the eastern part of Limgrave. This place is very close to the Small Erdree region, so it will not be difficult to find. As soon as it is found, descend to the well, and then find the place of grace mentioned above.

Elden Ring - Missable Trophy Boss Locations

What do players get for the victory over the Valiant Gargoye?

Together with 32,000 runes, players can get two unique weapons from this boss. Since technically is a battle with two bosses, players will receive double blade (used by Valiant Gargoile TwinBlade) and Big Sword Gargoles (Used by Valiant Gargoye).

After the victory over this boss, players will also receive “ Valiant Gargoyle ” Achievement / Trophy. This is a rare trophy and is among many trophies / achievements that players can get by defeating optional bosses in the game.

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