3D Dress Up Corde RPG “Shining Niki” 1st Anniversary Event & Campaign 3/8 (Tuesday) today!

Papergames (Niki Co., Ltd.) has announced that the 1st anniversary event & campaign was held from March 8 (Tuesday) in the iOS / Android App 3D Dressup Corde RPG “Shinning Niki”.

Papergames (Niki Co., Ltd.) announces that the 1st anniversary event & campaign was held from March 8 (Tuesday) in the iOS / Android App 3D Dressup Corde RPG “Shinning Niki”. Please celebrate the first anniversary of the “Shinning Niki” will be greeted soon!

# Limited time event “Voltage of descent and dawn of desire” held

◆ Event Period: March 8 (Tuesday) After Maintenance-March 21 (Mon) 23:59
◆ Remuneration exchange period: March 8 (Tuesday) Maintenance after maintenance-March 22 (Tuesday) 23:59

# # [1] “The descent of the desire, the contraction of dawn” limited gacha appeared

Alan Walker x Shining Nikki || New Animation Music Video 2022
During the event period, when using a limited gacha using the event limited item “truth” in the event center, the event limited UR set corde “burning exhaustion” and the corde parts of the “front of the” finger opening “and the designer shadow etc. can.
※ “The light of the truth” can be obtained from Pink Diamond Purchase, BOX goods or limited missions.

# # [2] Let’s join the event and get a luxurious reward

During the event period, you can earn luxurious rewards such as costume parts, pink diamonds and event gacha items “truth light”, with sign up rewards, peach rewards and participation of events on events stage.

# # [3] Let’s get limited UR “coronior dress”

If you participate in the event stage during the event period, you can earn a “coronable dress” of UR for free when the “viewing progress” reaches the specified value.

# Period limited cumulative charge campaign holding

If you charge the specified amount during the period, you can earn luxurious rewards such as SSR costumes [Arid Triots of Lights].

◆ Holding period: March 8 (Tuesday) After maintenance-March 21 (Mon) 23:59

# Get 1st Anniversary SSR Costume! Special event “trace of time” held

If you collect points in Daily Mission, you can earn “Shinning Niki” 1st Anniversary Limited Costume “Dreaming Flower period”. Get a costume designed by Niki by all means at this opportunity.

◆ Holding period: March 9 (Wed) 5: 00-March 20 (Sun) 23:59

# New function “skin color” “individual album” appeared!

The “skin color” function that can be changed according to Corde, and “personal album” functions that can be stored by contest works and dressing works. Enjoy your Corde with Niki with new features!

◆ Appearance date

March 8, 2022 (Tuesday) after maintenance

# “Shinning Niki” new goods introduction

In commemoration of the first anniversary, “Shinning Niki” new goods will soon appear.

The campaign will be held in the future. looking forward to!

# “Shinning Niki”

It is a high quality 3D dress change game produced by the developer of the popular dressing Corde RPG “Miraclniki”. The beautiful costumes and accessories that are committed to the details reproduce realistic texture by state-of-the-art 3D modeling technology. It is a game that can express the “longing for beauty” that everyone has. Please experience the next generation dress change game with your smartphone.

# # Game Download Click here

App Store: https: //apps.apple.com/app/id1515463572
Google Play: https: //play.google.com/store/apps/details? ID = com.papegames.nn4.jp

Product Summary

Title: Shining Niki Official Site: Https: //shiningnikki.jp Official Twitter: https: //twitter.com/shiningnikki_JP Genre: 3D Dress Up Carde RPG Platform: App Store / Google Play Store Distribution: Papergames (Niki Co., Ltd.) Rights Signage: © Papergames

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