Unfelt: Thats why Leroy Sane is only Joker at FC Bayern

After a superior first round, Leroy Sané is currently restoring FC Bayern for question marks. Against Eintracht Frankfurt (1: 0) and Bayer Leverkusen (1: 1) came the national player only from the bank. Sané allegedly pick up well-known allegations.

Both against Eintracht Frankfurt and Bayer Leverkusen, Leroy Sané served in FC Bayern only as a noble joker, only from the 67th and 61 minutes.

Leroy Sané - Why Is He So Good?
While the 26-year-old against Frankfurt was still a crucial winner’s scorer, he remained pale against Leverkusen after his interiors.

Why is Julian Nagelsmann brings the left foot, which has already played a total of 34 compulsory games this season (13 goals), suddenly no longer at the beginning?

According to information from “Picture” it actually has something to do with his not always flawless attitude that Sané has lost his regular place in the first eleven of Bayern for the time being.

Sané with two goals in the last eight Bundesliga games

According to the report, it should last several workouts in which Sané “not hundred percent” commitment should have shown.

The “bad body language”, which was already sponsored by the national team under Joachim Löw and in Munich among Hansi Flick several times, should also be observed in preparation for the last league games.

Nagelsmann should also have failed with the defensive-work Sanés last. But also Sané’s greatest strength, the creativity and lightweightness in the opposing third, has a bit lost him with only two goals in the last eight Bundesliga games

Nobody still wants to talk about the Säbener Straße from a serious performance break in the wing player. But Sané is likely to be long ago not only his coach again under special observation.

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