Samsung Electronics “Galaxy Source Code Spill” … Report infringement on KISA

Samsung Electronics said, “” I have implemented a response system immediately because of the “recently external information deodorization attempt to recently said,” Samsung Electronics received an infringement report on the Korean Internet Promotion Agency and the Science and Technology Information Tank.

Samsung Electronics announced on the 7th, “We will notify you of our employees on the hacking issue,” “Our company recently recognizes the external information deodorization attempt, and the Warrior Information Protection Center and the MX Division Security Team to strengthen the security system “I run the same system,” he said.

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Regarding the type of data currently leaked, “I do not include some source code required for Galaxy driving, but I did not include employees and personal information.”

“The impact of this spill accident and the future response,” Is it notes that there is no impact on our company business and customers, “he said,” The Company shall block additional information leaks, and all the measures to protect our employees and customers He said. “I will strengthen my security more security.”

Samsung Electronics has been confirmed that 5 am, the Korea Internet Promotion Agency (KISA), has been accepted that it was accepted.

KISA official said, “As long as the report is received, we plan to identify the detailed damage and to support the necessary skills.”

Prior to, Labsus was “Samsung’s confidential source code” through the Telegram Channel on the last 5 days, “Samsung’s confidential source code”, and 190GB data was released as a P2P data sharing system.

The lapuses are in the telegram channel ▲ Algorithm for all biometric unlocking operations for unlocking, the system program that allows the operating system (OS) to start the operating system (OS), “Boot Loader Source Code ‘▲ Hardware Encryption All Trusted Applet Source Code (including DRM module, key masters, gatekeeper) ▲ Qualcomm’s confidential source code (including DRM module, key master, gatekeeper) ▲ Qualcomm’s confidential source code ▲ Qualcomm He argued that the entire source code for granting technology (including APIs and services).

They did not mention whether they have acquired this data, or whether they have contacted for the negotiations of Samsung Electronics before data leakage.

Labas was known as South American-based cybercrime group. It was a relatively unknown emerging forces, but recently, it has argued that it has taken off the GPU circuit (TB) in NVIDIA in recent years.

NVIDIA has said, “The attacker has confirmed that through the statement,” the attacker has given some of the staff’s credentials and the NVIDIA proprietary information, “he said.

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