Mainz requests relocation of the game against Borussia Dortmund

On Thursday afternoon, the Rheinhessen announced that a total of 19 members of the fully immunized license planning area (player, coach, staff) were infected with the Corona virus and issued in isolation.

Quickly the question arose: Can Mainz compete against Borussia Dortmund on Sunday? Especially since initially not communicated, how many of the 19 positive corona cases related to the player area. On Friday, Manager Christian Heidel clarified that “13 players are affected”.

In the course of the Friday, the situation was the way that the Rheinhessen had to submit the request for shift in the DFL. FSV coach Bo Svensson, which is “discredit”, according to Manager Christian Heidel, were less than the necessary 16 toilder players (at least nine license players, including a goalkeeper).

Heidel clearly realized that currently “only 14 players are available, but no license player goalkeeper”, including three actors who have not played a minute this season yet. ” Whether the game can take place against the BVB on Sunday, Heidel estimates such a thing: “I’ll remember the window and think that the application is granted.” Should the encounter actually have to be canceled, it would be the first cancellation for Corona in this Bundesliga season.

I’ll start the window and think that the application is granted.

Christian Heidel

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According to the statutes of the DFL, the game would have to be made up in the event of a cancellation in the coming week on Tuesday or Wednesday. Both clubs would have play free in the coming week. Of course, a possible new exposure of the game depends on the infection within the Mainz Cader.

Neighborhood Dortmund moved shortly before the announcement of the Mainz Application his Game Day Press Conference for an hour at 14 o’clock.

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