Arrest the actor of homelander in Spain

Recently, it was revealed that Antony Starr, actor who plays Homelander in the _ T _ _ series, was arrested in Spain, and Now you will have to pay a lot of money, or spend a year in jail **.

According to the police report, Starr was arrested on March 2, about 2:30 am, as he physically assaulted actor Bathuel Araujo at a bar, this while recording the new Guy Ritchie project. Although Originally the actor was sentenced to 12 months in prison , after a couple of nights behind the bars, Starr’s lawyer reached an agreement, which would keep him away from this punishment. This was what was commented about:

“A rapid trial was ending and the Number nine instructional court of Alicante, acting as a guard judgment, sentenced the detainee at 12 months in prison and the payment of a fine of € 4,141 euros for an injury crime. The state of drunkenness of the detainee was taken into account as an attenuating. The sentence was the result of an agreement between the Public Ministry and the man who was subsequently condemned. The prison sentence of him is suspended with the condition that he does not comment another crime in two years and pay compensation in the next 72 hours “

While Starr will stay away from prison, He will still have to pay more than € 4 thousand euros as part of the established agreement , and is prohibited from participating in illicit acts for two years. In any case, these two requirements are not met, the Amazon actor could well enter prison for one year.

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Editor’s note:

It is a shame to see that a great actor is shared in this way. At least it is clearly seen that Starr did not need experience to interpret someone as Homelander, since everything was inside him.

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