ELEX 2: How to Force Locks

Open locks in the games, especially in Bethesda games, it is always a fun minigame. There is even a little truth on how those games do it. Elex 2 moves away a bit of that, so you need to know what he is doing, or simply feel frustrated. Here is How to Force Locks in Elex 2 .

How to Force Locks in Elex 2

The first thing you should know to open locks in ELEX 2 is that the locks do not require finding any optimal point. No, for this game, it is about finding the unique pattern of the lock. Only only because it does not change, other blockages of the same difficulty can share a pattern; There are many chests to enter ELEX 2.

How to Force Locks in Elex 2:

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* Once you have the padlock on the screen, you will want to find the two pins next to each other that remain up.

  • These pins will be going from left to right through the lock, or from right to left from the other end.

  • Once you have found these pins, progress towards the pins left or to the right of the pair. If everyone falls, it is likely that your selection is broken and you must start the pattern again from the two pins.

  • NOTE: The pattern does not change, so it can be measured gradually.

  • You do not have to worry about being delicate either. The only time your selection breaks is when you make an error in the pattern, and even then, the game is full of blocking selections to find, so there is no real problem.

It is also important to keep in mind that if you save before opening padlocks in ELEX 2, you can continue to recharge your save and open the padlock over and over again to finally get the trophy / achievement by opening 100 padlocks. Yes, it’s that easy.

There you have it, everything you need to know for How to Force Locks in Elex 2 . For other procedures, we have covered how to update your jetpack and how to find the fuel you will need for those updates.

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