DMM Games “Rejeku-Kuro! ~ Legend Clover-” appears new characters “RICROW” and “Nike”! In addition, “Rejima!” Memorial campaign is also decided to meet 1 million achievement campaign!

In DMM Games operated by Joint Company EXNOA -Legend Clover ~ “also held a campaign that the new character” Riculieu “and” Nike “have appeared, and the number of players of” Rejima! ” I announced that.

Joint company EXNOA (Head office: Minato-ku, CEO: Yuyu, CEO: Hiden, URL: https: // is the Royal Road Fantasy to be a true hero! ~ Legend Clover ~ “( announced that the new character” Riculieu “and” Nike “have appeared. In addition, a campaign is also held that commemorates the number of players of “Reijima!”

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# New character added!

The cutter “Rischulie” that became a masterpiece while raising up to the Cardinal

Goddess of victory “Nike” believed in Greek mythology

These two new comed out! Now that the appearance rate UP is a chance!

Get this opportunity and enjoy the battle!

# New character list

· Main “RICROUUD” (SSR / Sorcerer)

· Support “Nike” (SSR / Aerial)

# Califeration rate UP period

March 4, 2022 After maintenance ends-March 14, 2022 11:59

# Reijima! 1 million achievement commemorative campaign held!

“Reijima! ~ Legend Clover ~ ‘Player has achieved 1 million people!

We will have a feeling of gratitude to this and hold a special campaign for a limited time!

# 1.1 million achievement commemorative set limited sale!

The shop “Charge” will sell one million achievement commemorative sets for a limited time.

# # Holding period

March 4, 2022, March 4, 2022, March 22, 201-22, 11:59

# 2. Special Login Bonus Held!

By logging in for 10 days during the holding period, we will hold a login bonus that you can get up to 1500 magic trees and 50 heel bottles.

# # Holding period

March 5, 2022 0:00 to 202222 23 23:59

# 3. Daily Mission Earn Stamina 2x Campaign Held!

During the holding period, a stamina that can be acquired in daily missions is usually doubled.

# # Holding period

March 5, 2022 0:00 to 202222 23 23:59


※ The contents of the implementation and the holding period may be changed without notice.

# 【Notice】 Tower of the champion 61F to 70F added!

From 0:00 March 7, 2010, we will add 61F to 70F to the hierarchy of the championship!

In addition, with the above hierarchy addition, we will add a magic treasure to the 51F to 60F enemy LV adjustment and 51F to 60F rewards.

# # Latest information check on Twitter!

The latest information will be delivered from this official account. Please follow this opportunity!

※ The contents of the campaign or period may change without notice. We will notify you of the official Twitter and official site for the latest information of the game.

# “Reijima! ~ Legend Clover ~ “Official Twitter Account

Official site

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# DMM Games Official Site

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