The Lord of the ring made by Net Size, and the second quarter

NetEase Games (Netease Games) is a mobile game that is a jointly developed by Wenner Brothers Interactive Entertainment, ‘The Lord of the Ring: The Lord of the Rings: Rise to Wars’ I announced a formal service to officially announced, and I announced the details and features of the game today.

The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war is the artist J.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R.R. Mobile 3D strategy simulation game, developed by the Prince of Tolkin’s Fantasy Novel ‘Rings’, as a result of the Lord of the Rings, as well as the Lord of the Rings, of course, The world view, and the story of the story, and the story of the main heroes who led to the exciting and exciting.

The Hobs’ Profito ‘gained by a coincidental relationship of’ absolute ring ‘that governs all the power of’ Saauron ‘of evil’ ‘s rings’ is the same as the original work, You have to write the Great Labor City, and ultimately organize the army with a single monarch or hero, and expand the territory, and unify the “middle-earth”.

Users should choose one of the total of 10 progresses that govern the middle class, the main world of the rings. As a selectable camp, a set of GonDor (Gondor), a hantalist, “Rohan Will Answer” (Rohan Will Answer “(Rohan), the Lord of the Elf, and a symbol of the Elf, Lothl√≥rien (LOTHLORIEN), the production capacity of the dwarf is in Erebo (Erebor).

On the contrary, gameplay for conqueration and destruction, not the world peace, not the world peace, is also possible. Angmar that Oak dominates (ANGMAR), the main background of the movie 2, Isengard (Isengard), the fortress of Saroron, and the fortress of Sauron, and the fortress of the MORDOR, Can be.

The Lord of the Rings Height Comparison - LotRO Concepts - Vol. I

In addition, new forces such as the Virtual Northern Kingdom Arnor (Arnor), which have the meaning of the intermediate eastern and the meaning of the ‘noble land’, and the game that could not be peeked in the original Activities for the prosperity of the original camps are also expected to be exciting.

Here are the major heroes that played in the king of the ring also reproduce the gust. The main characters that have led to the story of Roklaus, Aragon, Gim Lee, Galt, and Ewin, such as the story, and the Heroic commander appeared as a hero commander, and the fallen white wizard Saruman (Saruman), Lurtz, and the magician King The Witch-King, which appeared as a hero, such as the witch-king,

Net Izu and Warner Brothers Interactive Game Project Team Development of the Project Team The middle world terrain of the highly reproduced checkered, which is reproduced in 3D graphics, which has been reproduced, is expected to take out an environmental setting that has been inevitable.

A common game progress is deployed in a strategy simulation format to take the territory, and the progress of the game, such as a strategy and a strategy, and a strategy, It is a portion to be present.

In addition to the development of the progress of the war and the federation, the Social Network Communications is the start of the war through the teamwork and the teamwork through the teamwork, and the company’s target consciousness and character immersion is not a mere grounds. We plan to introduce the essence.

The Net Iz Games official said, “The Lord of the Ring: The beginning of the war is the result of the Fantasy Representative IP ‘Lord of the Ring’ and the game development philosophy of the game and the game development philosophy of Netsiz Games,” said, “” Wonderland Fantasy Novel Mania This year, it is a policy to focus on the company’s competence so that it is interested in the 20th anniversary of the 20th anniversary, and to the gamer, which is looking for a new strategy simulation. “

On the other hand, the Net Iz Games will be able to deliver anticipation of the game in earnest, starting in earnest of the rings: the beginning of the Ring: the beginning of the war, and will deliver expectations for the game to the user, and will be delivered sequentially for more information on the game.

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