Elden Ring: Modder shows how the title gets more beautiful

Elden ring is not even a week outside and now breaks heap records and right too. In our test to Elden Ring we were more than enthusiastic. After initial performance problems, the developers of From Soften have screwed hardly on the game. According to first reports, this work should be paid out and already have improvements in performance **. For the look of the game there was also a lot of praise in our test. The well-known YouTube channel “Digital Dreams” has once again shown how he made Elden Ring even more beautiful, with his Ray Tracing Preset “Beyond All Limits”.

Ray Tracing for Elden Ring currently not available

Unfortunately, there is currently neither the ability to activate raytracing, nor remove the FPS limit. At least RayTracing should be implemented later in the game. However, the Youtube channel of “Digital Dreams” shows how well the game with rayTracing-reshader can look like.

Elden Ring can look even more beautiful

For his showcase, Digital Dreams plays on the graphics setting “Ultra” and removes the FPS limit of 60 frames per second. In addition, he uses the RayTracing Preset “Beyond All Limits” and an extended field of view. The preset is based on the “Screen Space RayTracing Shader” of Pascal more and contains further improvements for the graphic.

Elden Ring has the best character creator

Fans are split – no “real” raytracing

The Channel of Digital Dreams is known for showcases of this kind, so heaps of videos romp on the channel that follow the same concept. But there is also criticism. The comment section, on the one hand, is arguing whether the game is really better and others believe that he should not use the term raytracing, as it is no “real” raytracing handle.

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