The economy of Escape from Tarkov breaks together because of sanctions against Russia

In recent years, Escape from Tarkov players were paralyzed by the in-game economy. The realistic shooter market of Battlestate Games is bound to the coming and go to the real world economy, and since the trade fluctuates, the marketplace of Tarkov also varies. And with the ongoing illegal invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the value of the core currency of Escape from Tarkov – the ruble – has fallen sharply.

Since the rest of the Western world has apparently exposed to Russia strict sanctions and the country’s banks from the Swift payment service, the value of the ruble has fallen by 29% in the last few days. As a result, it is indeed quite difficult to equip in Escape from Tarkov and to buy additional currency.

When the last deletion took place, she cost a single dollar about 135₽. Today, the exchange office of Peacekeeper is looking for 147₽. In short, rubles have lost their value – and, as in the previous bitcoin and fuel crises in the game, the players want to exploit the players as long as they can.

If you throw a quick look at the flea market, see pages on pages with listings of equipment for dollars and euros, rather than rubles. To achieve better returns from your prey, players try to sell their equipment found in RAIDs for something different than the Russian currency. For example, the price of SSDs in Rubel has dropped 8.91% in the last week, from 34,155₽ to 31,111₽. However, if you sell it for $ 311 to Peacekeeper, you will get substantially converted 42.296 ₽ – a much higher return.

The same applies to weapons that have lost almost exclusively to value in the last week. For those who can not be sold directly to Peacekeeper or skis – the two individual dealers who pay in dollars or Euro – try players their luck on the flea market and offer typical oriental weapons for anything but rubles. This will devalue your price – and weapons like the AKS-74UB and the AK-74M have come by 37% and 21% in the last week.

Escape from Tarkov. Raid. Episode 5. FINALE. Uncensored 18+
While the devaluation of the ruble will hit new players hard, those with ongoing bitcoin farms should be able to harvest the fruits. The value of Bitcoin has risen by 31% in the last week and continues to rise. Whether this means that the fuel costs will rise for the operation of these farms, is still to be seen.

The market fluctuations are something that Tarkov players are accustomed – and experienced dealers will find a way to make a profit. But if you eat and wait for Battlestate to do something – do not hold the air. The Russian developer has so far only jumped in the bitcoin crisis, and it is unlikely that it happens again.

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