League of Legends reveals the new aspect of the Prestige edition and more

The liga of legends The PBE servers will be updated this week as players wait for a new update on live servers, and that means another round of new cosmetics to try before their official launches. This time, these new masks include seven different styles in total distributed in six different champions. Two of those aspects are for Jinx, and that is because she is the last champion in receiving _ of the league. Prestigious editing masks.

The seven new aspects are Battle Bat Vayne, Battle Bunny Miss Fortune, Battle Cat Jinx, Battle Wolf Sylas, Battle Bunny Prime Riven, Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition and Ashen Knight Pyke. The first six of them can be seen in the video shared in the social networks that the “Anima Squad” presented formally as it is called, while Pyke obtained its own independent video since it is not part of that group and it looks very different to them.

The welcome art for the aspect of Jinx’s prestigious edition can also be found below.

The new Riot Games liga The showcase of these added aspects begins with Jinx before showing the prestigious edition aspect of the champion. It is the first aspect of the Prestige edition that Jinx receives, and could not have arrived at a better time for the champion. Jinx has been playing a lot at the professional scene lately, and although that alone does not guarantee that this type of appearance deserved, since this kind of thing is decided well in advance, help it is popular at this time as well as its New look. She is coming out.

Prestige Battle Cat Jinx Skin Spotlight - Pre-Release - League of Legends

It also helps that arcane is still cool in the mind of veterans liga players and newcomers who got hooked with the show a few months ago. He went on sale from November 2021 and received very favorable reviews regardless of whether people were familiar or not with liga or if that was his first trip to Runaterra. __ It is not surprising then that the program has already been renewed for a second season.

ArCANO Leaving the champions aside, you can expect to see these new masks on the servers now that you are trying before they are published on the live servers. Naturally, the appearance of Jinx prestige can not be purchased with RP as other aspects, but players will be able to earn it with prestigious points or through an event.

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