Dragon Lord: Youtuber has plot leave

The small village in Middle Franconia, in which the controversial Youtuber and Streamer Dragon Lord Alias ​​Rainer W. spent his previous life, can finally breathe: the internet personality has cleared the property finally, leave the community.

The should have actually happened some time ago, After all, the Youtuber has already sold his house including a plot a few months ago. But the difficult search for a new stay led to delays.

In the meantime, Rainer W. already had a new home in the nearby city of Nuremberg in view. But the fear of the anti-fans of the Youtuber, the so-called Haterer, has ultimately taken care of the potential new landlord for a retractor .

Doch where does the Drachenlord want to live now? Some of his plans betrayed the 32-year-old already.

Drachenlord has finally left the community

The community only 42 inhabitants in Central Franconia near Nuremberg can finally breathe: Rainer W. has finally left the village. This reports the Youtuber and Streamer in a video published on Monday.

Thus, the annual harassment and destruction go into the end, ** among which not only the small village suffered, but also the responsible police perceived every day. Again and again “pilgrimed” numerous so-called HATER, anti-fans of the Dragon Lord, to the property.


This led almost a daily loud conflicts, partly in the middle of the night, to countless police operations, vandalism, countless space references, to partly police ads. The sad highlight reaches the so-called “Dragon Game” then a few months ago with a trial in Nuremberg.

Appealing process for Youtuber is imminent

The district court of Neustadt at the Aisch sentenced Rainer W. last October to a two-year prison sentence without probation. However, the indictment as well as defense apprehension. The process goes to the next round on March 23.

The Youtuber and Streamer finds the judgment from the October unfair, while the prosecutor, on the other hand, wants to obtain even a even harder judgment . Because: The Dragon Lord was already on probation when he became suspected again, which ultimately led to the process in October.

It went and about the questions about collective bullying of the Internet personality through the HATER, how far self-defense may go, which side in the “Dragon Game” bears which responsibility carries. Also, some anti-fans have already been convicted of crimes related to the “Game”.

Where does Drachenlord draw now?

Where the vocation process leads, is still completely open. Likewise, where Rainer W. is now taking, after he has finally left the house and land after the sale to the church.

In streams and videos he repeatedly reported that he now would like to travel as a quasi digital nomade the country, without a firm residence. Maybe he has also made a spacious new car recently, suspected From the money of the sale of his property.

As it continues with the 32-year-old internet star, it is still open. He was glad that now (hopefully) finally retires and his life develop into a new direction, so Rainer W. in a few weeks He has to compete in Nuremberg in any case to face the vocation.

Does that actually imprison him? You read this below.

Does Dragon Lord really have to jail?

In fact, the prison sentence imposed last October could be confirmed or, as challenged by the prosecutor, are even renewed. Then Rainer W. would actually act. He is accused of violence (against Hat) as well as insult, which should have focused on the police in the past.

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