What to do with yellow targets in Shadow Warrior 3?

In Shadow Warrior 3 you are waiting for dynamic actions and many weapons, courage and glory. You manage Lo Van in his desire to save the world and come across numerous enemies on your way. There are other environmental things that can be found including yellow targets.

If you see a yellow goal in Shadow Warrior 3, you want shoot . These Yellow targets are tied to obstacles or traps It usually helps **** player in his journey, so watch out!

What makes Yellow targets in Shadow Warrior 3?

Yellow goals in Shadow Warrior 3, as a rule, have two goals – activate traps or platforms. When you see a yellow target on a combat arena, they are usually tied to traps. Shooting on them activates the trap and, in fact, kill any enemy on the path of the trap.

As Shadow Warrior 3 passes, you will most likely come across yellow goals outside the battle. You can shoot them to activate the platforms that Lo Wan will be able to jump and continue your adventure. If you are stuck, look for a goal, it can help you!

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