How to raise affinity in Pokemon Masters EX

Whenever you hatch the pokemon from the egg in Pokémon Masters Ex, you have the opportunity to form a pair of synchronization with it. When you do it, you can make these pokemon stronger, increasing their level of intimacy. This can be done by giving your pokes such treats as berry pies different levels.

Berry pies Available in 1 star, 2 stars and 3 stars. You can get 1 star and 2 stars Berry pies in Exchange of items General Category with 3 stars Berry pies Available only from EGG Event Awards.

[Pokemon Masters] Increasing Affinity of Egg Partner to 3/3

Egg events are not available as often as other events that makes getting 3 stars Berry pies hard.

Twenty each Berry Pie Type is necessary for switching to the next level, and when your pokemon will reach the level of proximity 3, you will have the opportunity to form a synchronizing pair with them. At this point, you can fight side by side with the Pokemon, which you have grown out of the egg!

To check the proximity of your Pokemon, select Couple Synchronization At the bottom of the main screen of the game, and then Proximity Option.

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