This is “Gothic” Like! Do you know the open world RPGs long-established “Piranha Bytes”? [ELEX II “Last featuring special feature]

Speaking of the development studio famous for the large open world RPG, where do you think of everyone? “TES” series BethesDa SoftWorks, “Witcher” and “Cyberpunk 2077” CD ProJekt Red, etc. may be mentioned first. Global Lounch has become popular Currently, overseas works are also available without time lag, and it can be said that the number of knowledgeable numbers has been raised in Japan. However, the work introduced in Japan is still a large example of a good idea for the good work of a reputation because it is not localized with various circumstances.

This time, Piranha Bytes, which has also been introduced, is a German studio that has continued to produce such a “good work yet”. The masterpiece “Gothic” series is more popular as the “TES” series from the first 2001 series, and the remake version is currently developed under THQ Nordic.

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The “Gothic” series develops the story of the muddy dark fantasy on the stage of MYRTANA that continues to be war and war. The main character is characterized by choosing something that belongs from a plurality of prepared powers, and it is characterized by having different expansion stories. Combat is an auto lock type, which also finds multiple enemies and performs attacks and avoiding while confronting with the other party like 3D fighting.

From now on, it is very rough, but at that time, it is time for PS2 to be released, and this work will be positioned as one of the open-world pioneers produced in full polygons. “Gothic” was also highly evaluated by “The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind”, which was also released, and he was popular as a series representing the same genre.

Metacritic won 81/100 and elected Germany’s game magazine “Gamestar” for “Adventure Game of the Year” and “Best Game World”. Similar to Bethesda SoftWorks, it is now possible to attract attention if the open world of Piranha Bytes is new. “Gothic 2” in 2004 records 500,000 sales in Europe.

In the 2000s, “Western games” still penetrated domestically, and global download sales services such as Steam are not widely known as compared to today, and a hardcore gamer will hand out did. Moreover, because there were many forms of “English manual package with Japanese manual” that the game body has not been translated, “I can read English” “I have a PC with power” There are still a few people. The works that were greatly hit abroad also have reached the “Gothic” series in Japan, and the “Gothic” series also remained in Japan.

The parent company goes bankrupt and built its own shares, and it was Piranha bytes developed up to the 3rd of the “Gothic” series, even with two turns series, but the last production of “Gothic 3” released in 2006 It has been removed from. The video of “Gothic 3” is also referred to the evaluation of “TES IV: Obrivion” of the same year, but it is also said that there is a reason to prevent the play. Metacritic also had a big assessment of 69/100. Because the rights were held by the parent company’s Jowood Productions,

Even if you remove the “Gothic” series, you want to create such an atmosphere game, the company is the “RISEN” series that the company has launched new under Deep Silver. World Settings are not all related to “Gothic”, but the player chooses the affiliation to the power and did not change the splash called the open world where the story changes. In Japan, the Japanese version is released by Ubisoft only “Lids 2 Dark Water”. Some logos with the motif of the pirate flag may be aware of.

The “RISEN” series shifted to the height of the density of the limited island, not a wide area like “Gothic”. The first work was to escape from the island while being caught up in the dispute of the island’s control (no name). There is a thief, warrior, magician faction, and subscriptions determine specialization of combat skills.

“RISEN 2: Dark Waters” converted the atmosphere to the southern Caribbean style and incorporated a pirate element that handles the gun. Very different vivid colors than the past gloomy world are well received, and the 2014 “RISEN 3: Titan Lords” has also appeared.

From this series, porting to the console machine has begun, but the low assessment was remained, and “Gothic” Like was not accepted successfully in the audience of the household machine. On the contrary, PCs are about 70/100 for PC, and it can be said that it is pursuing without breaking the individuality of the open world RPG raised by the PC.

After that, the company will announce the open world RPG “ ELEX ” in 2017 with the support of Nordic Games (THQ NORDIC). Post apocalypse, machine SF, swords and magic fantasy and all swallowing world views, choose a affiliation from the three powers, and the battle is “Gothic” Like as usual. “The taste of our taste is this,” I feel the first thing of the Lord of the Sty Store Lord. Strict combat chooses people, but the old-fashioned western games may not be slippery with the desired person.

The stage of “Elex” is a planet Magan who was flourishing a civilization close to the present. Due to the fall of comet, the ground is destroyed, but he used the mysterious substance of “Elex” that was brought simultaneously to humanity.

You can use it for the human body, but you can get strong body skills, but it is also the risk of being able to lose emotions and eventually become a mutant.

The main character jacks were a soldier who belonged to the power “Alb” to expand using Elex’s human strengthening, but he could not fall back to the enemy site. The jacks who lost the power of Elex are a story that encounters three powers of different cultures and gradually recovering his human emotions through the battle with the alb (may be considered).

The three possible powers “Berserker”, “Cleric” and “Outrot” each have different responses to Elex, which has a style like a separate world view. “Berserker” treats Elex as a source of magic, and fantasy wind of swords and armors. “Cleric” develops technology SF-style. “Outlaw” is a post-apocalypse that uses Elex to manufacture drags, so-called a so-called hecha group. Depending on how you choose this, the equipment that comes to magic, close proximity and guns is greatly different. As the battle between the powers also happens, it may not be possible to learn all the skills prepared.

The first feature of “ELEX” is a jet pack, and you can jump around even if you get in the introductory department. It is difficult to get a means of flight in an ordinary open world, but in “Elex” discovered before 10 minutes, escaping from the battle, moving to the high place is also easy. As it is all the world’s view of all of the above mentioned above, I can do something like a ray gun while flying with a jet pack with armor. Such a feeling of mixing is the only one attraction of “ELEX”.

It is a work of PiraniHa bytes that was not blessed with the opportunity to be introduced in Japan, but with this fortune “ Elex II ” will be released domestically from THQ NORDIC on March 1. This time, except for voice, it includes localization for Japan, and it will be able to enjoy the highlight worldview.

It was a Malagalan that the battle with the Alb was one paragraph, but an unknown aggresser Sky and an unknown invader who uses a dangerous “Dark Elex” is attacked. Jacks are involved in combining four powers that appeared in the previous work and to challenge the new appearance “Mokon”… but this work story. The increase in power will make the story to be organized more than the previous work. How do you want to make the idea and the philosophy as well? The destiny depends on the player’s choice.

“ELEX II” is scheduled to be released for PC / PS5 / PS4 / Xbox SeriesX | S / Xbox ONE.

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