The Cabal Drop Pods of Destiny 2 are now here to help you not crush it

The Witch Queen from Destiny 2 and the first season of the extension Season of the Risen are finally here. Guardians will lead to the fight to the great evil of this extension, Savathun, on a brand new place: their throne world. There were already evidence that we would use the help of Empress Caiatl and her cabal army to help somehow in the season of the risen, but it looks like they were more practical than we had initially imagined.

A trailer who has been released shortly before the witch king update reveals that Cabal is sent as part of Caatl’s agreement with Commander Zavala to help us in our struggle as real Ki soldiers who will work on their side.

Unroubled, these cabal AI will arrive in these landscape capsules, which are fired over them from a cabal ship. However, it looks like they are actually here to help them instead of crushing them this time. Ask for heaven’s sake, bungie, let us crush from these things.


While the Cabal will send you big, brutal ground support, it also seems that the dinner Cabal Psions will play an important role in campaign missions (and possibly activities such as strikes) in Season of the Risen.

The trailer shows guards who take it with a powerful-looking opponent, probably a kind of boss, only to be explained by a Caatl: “As soon as they are weakened, my psions will intervene. Be prepared to enter the world of thought [OR, mind’s gate, we can’t quite make out the audio…] “. The Psions, which use a kind of telepathic or reality changing forces, will bring you through the weakened boss into another dimension, where it seems that you can encounter Savathun yourself.

There is a lot to eat, including a number of new Destiny 2 exotics, but if we dip deeper into the season of the risen, we are sure that everything will be revealed. If you do not have it yet, the whole pick up hex king extension right here.

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