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The end of _ spider-man: no way home _ _ is emotional, and positions the arachnid in a new and interesting chapter in your life. By erasing memory from around the world, nobody knows who is Peter Parker. However, many wondered if physical goals, as photos, were also eliminated. In this way, The writers of this tape have finally offered a response about it.

Through an interview with IGN, Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna, the writers, were questioned about the physical evidence that points to Peter Parker, which conflict with the spell that Dr. Stranger performed at the end of the tape This was what McKenna said about it:

“We talk a lot about that… and we can not disclose a lot, but I only know that we talk a lot about that and there were conversations about it. And I’ll say that answering those questions at the end of the movie, it would almost too much have to explain that in this movie. So I hope it is one of those details that would have been a too far bridge so we have to explain it in this movie. But we have thoughts and answers.

Believe me, we have answers for that… but I do not think we’re… we have not allowed to disclose that. But we have answers. “

For its part, this was what Sommers mentioned:

“We deliberate a lot… will it be something like going back to the future? Or are people going to disappear from the photos? Are physical objects to disappear? All of these things. And as Chris said, ultimately, we decided that a lot of time would be needed and space in the film to explain all that. It would simply submit value to the emotion of it. “

The writers assure that they know how this conflict has a clear solution, but decided not to show it on the screen, since it would subtract strength at the emotional end we saw. However, expect this to have an answer in a future Spider-Man movie . With luck we will see at least one comment during dr. Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Writers Reveal Spoilery Secrets | IGN Fan Fest 2022

On related topics, Andrew Garfield has revealed the reason why he would not interpret Spider-Man again. In the same way, the digital premiere of this tape has been delayed.

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