How to make Crunch Crunch Fried Shell in Lost Ark

Crunch Crunch Fried Shell is an item that can be made in Lost Ark. To do this, you need to fulfill a lot of main quest tortoyk. The main ingredient, sink eggs of creation, can only be found in the dungeon “body of a cake”, which opens through the main history of the cake.

Where to find shell eggs creation

The sink eggs of creation can be found at the very northern end of the body of the dungeon dungeon right before the climb on the rock aside Village Tontuk . You will find it next to a bunch of sad blocks and next to Captain Totoiki **. Just explore the blinding light in which you can enter.

You must attribute it to the soup Create Crunch Crunch Friend Shell .

Supitsa is in G. Tavern MOKOKO northwest from Plaza whistle in MOKOKO Village . She is behind the meal with fruit. You can make Crunch Crunch Friend Shell for 1400 silver. After it is created, you can right-click CRUNCH CRUNCH FRIEND SHELL to add it to his foliate adventurist.

Crunch Crunch Fried Shell Lost Ark

If you want to fill your foliestyurist foliage, you can create a lot of items, but we recommend doing it only after you unlock the dungeon “body cake”. This is because you can get the ingredient when you finish the dungeon, which makes it quite easy.

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