Corona app: New update facilitates everyday life now

One of the two Corona apps gets a new update. To the joy of boomed persons.

Dortmund – meanwhile it is already part of everyday life in all sorts of situations – whether at the shopping tour or at the restaurant visit – at the front door first the mobile phone gaps. The genesen or vaccinated status * is queried using the COVPASS app * or the Corona Warn app. The former now gets an update.

Alberta launches app to scan COVID-19 proof-of-vaccine QR code | FULL

Corona warning app or Covpass app: Digital detection gets “Booster” update

The scanning of the QR code is a convenient way to control. Where 2G + applies, that is, admission only for three times vaccinated, ganzen or twice vaccinated with negative test proof, the process jerked especially for boomed.

The QR code does not include the third vaccine against the coronavirus * yet, was not recognized by the Covpass check app. The consequence: once press the screen and scroll down, until the vaccinations list. But with this annoying intermediate step is now over, as reports.

Update The COVPASS app: third vaccination finally stored in QR code

Next, the latest update of the Corona app * is available in the app stores. In version 1.18, the problem is finally solved. The Covpass app then accepts the third vaccine with a simple scanning of the QR code. The last update to version 1.17 is already about a week ago, accordingly, the latest improvement will not be able to wait a long time (more Digital News * at COVPASS).

The developers are constantly working to improve the app and adapt to the given circumstances. Even at the Messengerdienst WhatsApp there are regular innovations *.

Coronavirus: Many different rules continue to ensure confusion

For the many corona measures, it can certainly be that you lose the overview where now what is true. offers an overview of the current Corona rules . On Wednesday (16.02.) Chancellor Kolz meets the next Bund-Country Round. Here * you can keep up to date on all sorts of changes that will be decided. _ is like COVPASS part of the editorial network IPPEN.Media. _

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