Who is Talan in Horizon Forbidden West?

Horizon Forbidden West is one of the most anticipated games for PS4 and PS5 consoles in 2022. Now that the game is available for Sony systems, new and old fans can immerse yourself in this series and experience the last chapter in Elau history. This time, together with ELA, familiar persons are sent to the Forbidden West, for example, Talan, a girlfriend from Zero Dawn.

Talan – Karha “Solar Hawk”, to which Elo helped in the “New Dawn”. She is the leader of the lodge and the first woman who headed the hunting operation after the mad king-sun struck out women from his records. To become a sunny hawk, Talaan was supposed to defeat the red mouth, a unique and frightening variety of Hercules of Gromozov. With the help of Ela, Talan overcame this threat and ranked his place of leader of the lodge.

In exchange for help, Elau Talan joined Ela in her struggle against Aida in Meridian during the climax of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now Talan goes to the Forbidden West in search of a person named Amadis. Talan is just one of many characters that are returned to Horizon Forbidden West, and several friends and enemies return as secondary characters in this sequel. If you have not played in Horizon Zero Dawn, we recommend starting with it so that you can pass this exciting story from beginning to end.

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