Banks must save: Customers are getting heavier cash

Almost everywhere you can pay with card and no longer needs cash. If you still want to be aware, you only get hard.

NRW – Since the Corona Pandemic *, the cashless numbers have gained in importance. Nevertheless, consumers still need cash or just want to pay with maps instead of card. But the ATMs are less and less, as Corona Pandemic * detects.

No more cash? ATMs are becoming increasingly rare

Although card payment is now often possible at the bakery and could be further important because of the DebiCard, cash in Germany remains popular. According to a survey of the consumer center, 75 percent of respondents also want to continue to pay with cash – if they approach.


Because the survey also showed that about half have problems to get cash. Often there is no ATM nearby. The Federal Association of German Banks also confirms that the machines are increasingly disappearing more frequently.

So in 2019 there were still around 58,400 ATMs in Germany, 2020 only just under 56,900. But why are it less and less?

Darum’s ATMs: Banks must save

The reason is simple: Digitization * also need to save banks and savings banks. For example, customers will no longer bring their bank transfer carriers to branch, but do themselves in online banking. Many branches are not visited only, so the branch network of banks is always thinner. This increasingly disappears the ATMs.

Parallel to these are loud CHIP online banks such as the ing, DKB; N26 or Openbank. This is probably because these providers do not require accounting fees and often provide a free credit card. But the online banks rarely offer their own ATM. Customers continue to depend on the machines, the market leader. Is the cash supply generally threatened?

Less ATM: Will cash soon?

David Riechmann, Expert of the Consumer Center, is currently not a threat to cash. Because there are alternatives to ATMs, such as special bank buses, which are on marketplaces several days a week and in which personal advice is possible by an employee.

Nevertheless, Riechmann is in conversation with the tagenschau: “For the individual customer, the thinning of the branch networks is a limitation. If you drive half an hour bus to the next bank or the next ATM, this is impractical. “

Another alternative to classic ATMs are so-called cash back offers in supermarkets and discounters * or gas stations. Customers can take cash directly to the store budget from a specific minimum purchase value. For this you have to call only the desired sum, this will then be deducted from the EC card and paid out. _ * Corona Pandemic is part of the editorial network from

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