Horizon Forbidden West No Man’s Land Relic Ruin Guide

Salve, fellow tribe. So you’ve done your path more inside Horizonte forbidden west, finally entering No Man’s Land and continuing Aloy’s trip. But what about the ruin relic that is in this area? How do you enter and get the reward? In this Horizonte forbidden west no Man’s Land Relic Ruin Guide will give you everything you need to know.

Horizonte forbidden west Ruined guide of the Relic No Man’s Land: Where is it located?

The Relic Ruin For No Man’s Land is a bit southwest of the scrap contract you find when you enter the area for the first time. Follow the ways and your map should notify you when you approach.

Fair warning, you will not be able to enter this ruin relic until you get the lighter tool. Aloy Naturally you will get this after completing the main chapter of History, Death’s Door. Once this is done, feel free to return and start this puzzle correctly.

Horizonte forbidden West Guide of Ruins of the Relic No Man’s Land – Resolving the puzzle

The first place you should go in this Relic Ruin is a ruined patio. On the wall more on the left, you should see a box hosted on the wall you can take out with your pullcaster. Do it, then drag it to the point of support on the wall more to the right and upload. While you are on this floor, you should see some flashes of fire. Straw with your lighter and go inside.

You should look over a shallow water pool along with some elevated platforms. First, before doing anything else, go to the left and get away as soon as you can do without falling. You should see another box where you can use your pullcaster, protruding through some rusty rods. He pulls him as close as you can until it gets stuck. Next, go out again where you came and try to hold the box again and pull it into the water. This will be important later.

Then, go down and scan the purple element on the wall of the background. That is the key code you will need to enter. As for opening the door itself, that requires that restore the energy to the keyboard. This is where things will become complicated. First, go to the pool of shallow water and look for a bit of debris to which your pullcaster can connect. Look for the stone arch that framed it if you have problems. Use your pullcaster to clear the debris and go along the way.

Following this path should take you back to the outside next to another batch of fire flashes. Use your lighter on this wall. Inside there must be a small niche that contains an energy cell. Take it out and come back on your steps to the shallow pool. Then you have an energy cell, but there is no charge. Well, there is a charging station at the lower levels of the pool. For the sake of simplicity, the charging station is on the side of which you did not get the keyboard code. But if you only charge the energy cell and try to traverse the pool, a short circuit will be produced and will hurt it.

This is where the box comes from before. Move the box so that it is against a wall. Do not use the ramp, you must be able to walk on this box. Next, load the cell and place it on top of the box. Move the box through the pool and raise the ramp to the other side. Jump over the box, take the cell loaded and place it inside the wall socket. Finally, move the box to the wall where you see the support points and use it to be pulsed.

No Man's Land Relic Ruin | Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruin Walkthrough

From here, you must be right in front of the keyboard and the door closed. Check your diary to get the keyboard code, enter it and pick up your prize.

And so it was how to solve the ruin relic found in nobody’s land in horizonte forbidden west.

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