2K, NBA 2K22 Player Statement Update and All Star Sale Progress

2K was awarded a variety of news, including NBA 2K22 ahead of NBA 2K22 ahead of NBA 2K22, and Sale and NBA 2K mobile updates.

This seventh player’s ability to update the NBA 2K22 cover model and recently achieved the scoring of Dallas Mavericks, a team of Dallas Mavericks (comprehensive 95, +1), and the team of Cleveland, a team member of Team LeBron, Gandand (Comprehensive 87, +1) is included.

In addition, the Golden State Warriors of Poorard Andrew Wisdom (comprehensive 85, +2), and the capacity of athletes such as Guangde Murray (comprehensive 87, +1) of San Antonio Spurs, and the full list of updates can be found in the homepage there is.

In addition, a 67% discount NBA 2K22 Crossgen Digital Bundles is provided in the PlayStation Store. This discount is only available in PS4 and PS5.

NBA 2K Mobile also released a variety of contents leading to All-Star Content. The Jason Tatum card is provided free of charge by February 28, with 24 new All-Star theme cards, and all-star balls.


Cat Daddy Games (Cat Daddy Games) is a 2K-0 studio, and 2K is a publishing label that is owned by Take-Two Interactive Software (Inc.) (Nasdaq: TTWO).

Visual Concepts is a 2K-0 studio, and 2K is a publishing label owned by Tokota Interactive Software.

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