Review of Tanakka Game Circuit SteelSeries Rival 650

Rival 650 featured wireless gaming mouse is a high quality, but the price tag of about EUR 125 blush a little.

SteelSeries equipment is best known for high-quality headphones. Now available in the manufacturer’s Rival has become a series of wireless gaming mouse.

The mouse is not suitable for very small hands.

of large players’ choice

The first impression of the mouse is a very high quality, with rubber side panels provide a solid impression and get hold of the stick. The mouse is the expected number of buttons: two basic button, roll, amending the speed of movement of the middle button and three thumb button.

For me, the problem consisted of a mouse whole. Its length is more than 13 centimeters, which has small hands like me play a little too much. For example, the thumb button is offered in three pieces, but am able to ylttämään only two of them. This is true obviously appropriate since the furthest button is disabled by default.

In addition, the size of hand as is the only sensible way to use the mouse. This is, fortunately, also has its own ergonomic choice, so despite its size, the machine will remain usable.

The package comes as an interesting addition to adjust the balance of the additional weights.

Heavy mouse extra weights

All premium mice often have their own kikkansa, and this time specializes in package comes with additional weights. Eight pieces of weights weighing four grams provide opportunities for adjustment to balance the mouse in the desired manner. The whole is indeed quite weighty already even without additional weights, machine weights so myself were allowed to stay with rubber. Shoot em up games, great weight is anyway, in principle, only harm.

Battery duration is promised quite conservatively 10+ hours of game play on, but in practice, the battery seemed to last longer. In addition, the mouse is also available during charging, the battery so surprising simahdus not pour the world in a tough spot. LEDs also act as a mouse akkuindikaattorina, so the red flickering reviving players already at the stage when the battery is less than 10 percent remaining. A couple of weeks testing out it is difficult to assess how well the battery will maintain the long-term duration.

Connection to the computer is done via a USB dongle, and charging takes place via a separate freaking wire. In practice, this means that the mouse can afford two USB porttiani, because I would not dare to hide latauspiuhaa desk drawer, which I do not find it distressed strikes. For some reason, right away you do not have a USB-C, using a micro-B port for charging freaking wire attachment requires a little diligence.

Buttons, macros, sensitivity and color operation of the manufacturer’s own SteelSeries GG software. The software will satisfy the expectations, although the majority of its operations concentrating on the manufacturer’s keyboards configuration.

SteelSeries Rival 650 - The Heavyweight Wireless Mouse!

Steel GG Series software offers a fair amount of control possibilities.

quality, but at what cost?

Marketing material according to the latency and accuracy are once again in a class of its own. It may be the case – the amateur use of this quality class differences, it is difficult to distinguish. still I suspect that none of the professional player would dare to expose themselves by producing any wireless devices Further latency or failures. However, for myself wireless is an excellent addition.

An overall analysis Rival 650 Wireless Gaming Mouse is a high quality for demanding applications. The biggest concern I have also a relatively large size, quite sturdy weight and high price. Many players robustness can be a positive feature, but in his own toimintapelikäytölläni it is unfortunately Hutikuti.

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