The Witcher 3-Director founds new studio to Dark Fantasy

The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077 are among the games that Konrad Tomaszkiewicz has decisively developed. Now he founds a new studio and returns CD project Red his back. Together with some other veterans from the industry, a new Dark Fantasy-RPG is designed to be fresh from baptism, which is planned for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S / X.

EX Witcher and cyberpunk 2077-makers reasons New Studio Rebel Wolves

New studio reveals: Apparently some developers want to make their own thing in the future. For this purpose, the new developer studio Rebel Wolves was founded shortly. The name does not come from about and is leached according to the press release that it lives better in the pack than as a lonely wolf.

Main goal: Happy people! First point the satisfaction of the team is the satisfaction of the Rebel Wolves. The basic belief is that happy people do great games and that’s exactly what is the plan here. As a cornerstone of the cooperation, “fairness, teamwork and openness” are called.

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ ‘Witcher 3’ Game Director Unveils New AAA RPG Studio

Who deals with? Rebel Wolves is already composed of a whole series of illustrious people, but should still grow. So far, the following people belong to it.

  • Konrad Tomaszkiewicz (Game Director – The Witcher 3, Head of Production / Secondary Game Director – Cyberpunk 2077)
  • Design Director Daniel Sadowski (Witcher 1, Nitret Games, Growing Up)
  • Narrative Director and Main Writer Jakub Szamalek (Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Threadbreaker)
  • Animaton Director Tamara Zawada (Witcher 3, Shadow Warrior 2, Capcom Vancouver)
  • Art Director BartLomiej Gawel (Witcher 1-3)
  • CFO Michal Boryka
  • Studio Head Robert Murzynowski

Dark Fantasy-RPG is based on Unreal Engine 5 and should become whole saga

You have before: The Rebel Wolves team will officially do not hunt a trend afterwards and is not interested in numbers accordingly. Instead, the clearly defined intention of creating games that remain in memory and tell moving stories.

AAA-RPG SAGA planned: The first project is to create a role-playing game that serves gloomy fantasy food. All too much is not revealed, but there are some cornerstones of information and of course one or other full-bodied promise. Overall, that sounds quite promising.

  • RPG: The RPG genre should be directly revolutionized, say the makers.
  • Dark Fantasy: The genre is clearly outlined and we expect a gloomy fantasy setting.
  • AAA game: We get it with an ambitious, big project to do.
  • Next Gen: is planned to develop the game for the PC and PS5 as well as Xbox Series S / X.
  • Story-based: The story is the focus, so it will probably be a single player title.
  • Whole saga: The first game of Rebel Wolves only forms the beginning of a saga.
  • Unreal Engine 5: The graphics scaffolding is fixed and should provide a pretty look.

First view: A first concept art work on the planned RPG is already available. You can see it here in all its superb. In this direction, the game is obviously:

Vampires? Orcs? At first glance, the concept image looks exactly after what is promised: Dark Fantasy. At second glance, it may be possible to get that we could do it with vampires. The dark areas on the bottom right could be or something similar. Apparently, bats play an important role.

Over at Cyberpunk 2077 , the PS5 and Xbox Series S / X versions and the extensive update 1.5 were finally published. This finally seems to have been fixed to some of the greatest criticisms over a year after the publication of the game and there are new content.

How do you find the announcement to the new studio and what it gives to the game so far?

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