Sandcastle, Horror Game, Skulks into Steam Next Fest

Last updated there is February 17, 2022

It’s time to get into your worst… Daymare. The next horror game in the third person of Invader Studios, Daymare 1994: Sandcastle, arrives on Steam Next Fest in the form of a demo. A press release on the game, its scenario and its features provides more details.

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle is a preliminary of Daymare 1998 from 2019. The players embody the agent Dalila Reyes, a former spy now working for Hades. Dalila’s players will explore an infernal secret laboratory under the United States. In addition, Delila is not alone there. In addition, the game offers horrible creatures that hide in the labyrinth of the research center. You will need to put all the most efficient weapons on the technological level you need to use to survive. Yet you have to prepare yourself for true horror as you face monstrosities that are more than just stupid zombies. They think, they hunt, they are armed and they pick you up.

Daymare 1994 Sandcastle - Steam Next Fest Demo Teaser Trailer
_ “The prequium will improve Daymare: 1998 in almost every respect with animations of breathtaking characters, breathtaking cinematics and meticulously designed boss meetings that require experimentation and strategy. “Says Leonardo’s interactive team coordinator, Daniele Falcone.

In addition, Daymare 1994: Sandcastle offers a haunting soundtrack, with Unreal Engine’s horribly intense graphics. Of course, each new feature provided by the prequel will only add to the horror of the player. In addition, players do not have to wait to live the horror. A free demo arrives on Steam Next Fest from 21 to 28 February.

Daymare 1994: Sandcastle should be launched later in 2022. In addition, it will be available on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch consoles, as well as on PC via Steam. Are you ready to go down?

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