CrossFirex Review – Trembucous multiplayer shooting game

Last update there is February 15, 2022

First of all, there was Counter-Strike, the very popular multiplayer shooter. Then there was Crossfire, the Tribute of the Smilegate Developer in Counter-Strike, with millions of players in the Asian market. Now there is CrossFirex, closing things and on the Xbox. But how does CrossFirex behave in a console market full of games like Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo? If you read the header, you probably guessed.

CrossFirex is a two-irons package. There is a free multiplayer and competitive sequence of game modes and two solo campaigns. One of the campaigns is free with Xbox Game Pass, while the other is not. Each of the campaigns lasts about three hours. For people without Game Pass, each solo campaign costs $ 10, or you can buy the full package for $ 25 that includes some extras.

The popular world of Crossfire is built on a conflict between two private military forces. First of all, there is Global Risk, the “Gentiles” that have the mission to stop terrorism and economic threats around the world. Then there is Blacklist, who consider themselves the saviors of the oppressed and the disturbing of the World Order. In terms of shooting gameplay in the near future, there is not much difference between them. Unlike multiplayer, the two game campaigns have been developed by Remedy, a reliable action game manufacturer with a proven success story. The campaigns are there to give a context to multiplayer modes, so that you know for or against which you fight.

Operation Catalyst tells the story of a Global Risk elite squad on mission to kill an important blacklist officer. Passing small villages from Eastern Europe to an abandoned mine that houses a secret weapon, the countryside is heavy clich├ęs and military military jargon. The point of view moves between several characters, each with a set of different skills. There are surprises and betrayals, but there is little remote emotion. His characters are bland and immediately forgetting. These points aside, the action is relatively engaging, although entirely familiar.

The second campaign, spectrum operation, is more impressive, with greater decorations and a better action. In this campaign, Blacklist tries to stop Global Risk and offers a broader range of slightly more interesting environments, technologies and characters. The two campaigns are strictly linear. The progression is locked until you reach its goals, solve its puzzles or eliminate the enemy. None of the two campaigns await nor rewards creativity.

Competitive shooter fans are waiting for a lot of their games. To begin, they want a lot of cards, modes and ways to customize the experience. Then they want to feel rewarded for their time. Finally, they want to feel that they can progress in their skills. CrossFirex’s multiplayer mode is free, but it may be its most attractive feature. Of course, as it’s always true, you have for your money.

The multiplayer is divided in modern and classic. Modern mode tries to reproduce some of the mechanisms and conventions of its popular peer. The classical mode brings up the players at the time of Counter-Strike, before targeting the viewfits becomes the norm. There are only six modes between them. More incredibly, there are only five cards. Each mode has a single card. If you like to play Team DeathMatch, get ready to play on the same small cargo card forever. He gets older.

CrossfireX Multiplayer Review
The lack of variety in maps and modes could be less problematic if the movement and shooting were satisfactory, but none is close to being well settled or balanced. Everything seems slightly offset and desynchronized. This is partly due to the bad implementation of the game controller, which is non-standard and buggy. Other shooters have solved the problem of the game joystick a long time ago, so no CrossFirex apologies. The user interface is also a mess, almost completely different in solo mode and multiplayer mode. The lack of unified vision between Remedy and Smilegate seems to be the problem. One of them anyway.

Finally, the progression of the multiplayer characters is a mixture of microtransactions and a battle pass system that is never really clear.

Aside from a few ephemeral moments in spectrum operation, there are few things on CrossFirex that are graphically impressive. The contribution of Remedy has a basic skill in a way that the multiplayer aspect never meets, but that does not mean that it is inspired. This is particularly true in writing and dialogues, which are the stuff of bad military poles. It is expressed, but the actors can only push the wooden writing so far. Overall, music and sound design are not bad, and weapons sound well.

Crossfirex multiplayer lacks content, but no bugs. Visual problems abound and only a few hours after the launch, modern mode players already found ways to exploit the bad balance of the game weapons. There were players on board, that’s for sure, but given the lack of Depth, it is difficult to imagine a hard party. If the game is supported by more content and corrected, it could have a future on Xbox as an alternative to other shooters, although it is difficult to imagine that the pure and hard players of Halo or Cod jump the ship For CrossFirex.

Overall, it is difficult to remember a less ambitious multiplayer shooter than CrossFirex. His generic solo campaign is doing much better than his multiplayer, who simply lacks everything we expect of the genre. Previous smilegate shooters have obviously have connected with millions on the Asian market, but it is difficult to imagine that CrossFirex triggers something close to this kind of enthusiasm in the very competitive multiplayer scene.

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