Road 96, one of the best Indies of 2021, confirms its launch at PlayStation and Xbox

Over one year thousands of videogames are launched, and that makes some happen more unnoticed than they deserve. It is the case of ROAD 96 , which came last year to Switch and PC, and that now extends its sights confirming its launch in PlayStation and Xbox during the next month of April .

In this great procedural adventure, players must escape from an authoritarian government, for this, decision making and our actions will determine whether we will cross the border, or if we will die in the attempt. It is an narrative adventure inspired by Tarantino’s films and the Brothers Coen , and made by the creators of Valiant Hearts and Retold Memories.

“Road 96 With its inspiration in the classic road travel movies of the 90s, it seemed to fit naturally in this generation of both consoles and its owners. Sit down and get ready for a road trip like no other, “added his creators.

We publish Road 96 analysis, which we categorize as follows:

Road 96 Review

_Road 96 is an experience that you will remember within a few years if you let you absorb for your world. Your first measures may be confusing, but when the minutes pass and you start to fit the puzzles, determine what you want to count and the direct thing about your message. All this sketched with a cast of charismatic characters written fantastic. He may have come without making a lot of noise, but he is going to talk a lot about this narrative adventure in which everything, like in life, is unpredictable.

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