Olympia: German cross-country skiers bring silver in the season

Germany’s cross-country skiers have brought a surprisingly silver in the season in Beijing – long is even the Olympic victory in it.

Team ROC win Gold in Women's Cross Country Skiing 4x5km Relay | 2022 Winter Olympics
The “death-mindy” Sofie Krehl fell completely exhausted and overjoyed her cheering team colleges in the arms, national coach Peter’s closed rascally sobbed another hour after the “Giantending” unrestrained with pleasure: the German ski runners have experienced a silver winter fairy tale in Beijing and after years of agony unsuccessfulness in the Olympic relay thriller on big times.

“That’s a sensation, I did not keep a medal realistic,” said the completely stunned click roots, after his final runner Krehl had saved “on the last grain and with the last granule” in front of the preparing teams from Sweden and Finland..

“Sofie had fear of death before she walked,” she said, what the supposedly weakest runner in the team also confirmed: “Sure, it was finally a medal, in such a situation I have never been. I have given everything – long ago I can not be held anymore. “

Katherine Sauerbrey, Katharina Hennig, Victoria Carl, and finally herbald grew on the brutal route in the bare mountains of Zhangjiakou over himself, lay in the lead in the final phase of the 4×5 km race in the lead and on gold course. The selection of the Russian Olympic Committee was secured to the German Olympic Committee with 18.2 seconds on the German fours, which sensationally all three Nordic major powers Sweden (+20,7), Finland (+21,2) and Norway (+28.8) held at a distance.

“It’s so nice that we have finally been rewarded for the hard work,” said Hennig, who, as with her fifth place in the individual over 10 km, again rewarded her world-class levels: “We are through some in recent years Walking valleys. ” Especially the messenger home World Cup in Oberstdorf had tied to closed roots and his team: “That hurt then very much. But from defeats you learn.”

Cross-country skiing: Last Last Olympic Medal 2014 in Sochi

It was the first German cross-country skiing medal ever in a major event for eight years. To a cross-country miracle as in 2002 in Salt Lake City, when the women’s season was stormed to Evi Saltbacher-Stehle and Claudia Nystad in Salt Lake City to the Olympic victory, it was not quite enough.

Most recently, a German quartet in 2014 had bronze in Sochi Bronze, then with the final runner Denise Herrmann, who was now in Beijing as a biathletin Olympic champion. “I’m writing the thumbs up and send you all the energy over,” Herrmann greeted her ex-colleagues via ZDF from the neighboring biathlon stadium.

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Energy possessed the German team plenty. Olympic debutant Sauerbrey gave two second to Hennig, which led to the second classical part. Also Carl was first passed on Krob – who had to let the Russian, but the medal defended with all the power. “It was a huge thriller,” she said, “but with Happy End.”

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