Olympia – Fall Waliwewa: IOC

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) calls for more prudence in the case of Fehrkunftraufen Kamila Walijewa (15).

“Take a tranquilizer,” Riet Riet Mark Adams on the daily press conference in Beijing. Reporters of the industry portal INSIDEHEGAMES, which the story published about the positive test of Walijewas first had previously reported murder threats.

“I ask everyone to pay attention to the Olympic values ​​of mutual respect,” Adams added. It is not “acceptable” that the controversy around the team Olympic champion from Russia in “threats and violence”. Adam wanted to take no party. “I will not emphasize any1. The minds are heated at the moment,” he said.

On Friday, Walijewas had been published positive doping sample from December, four days after her victory with the Russian team at winter games in China. The Russian anti-doping agency Rusada had repealed its suspension, the IOC and the World Anti-Doping Agency Wada appealed. The Sports Court CAS should make a decision on Walijewas staring right until the individual competition on Tuesday.

Kati Witt draws caregiver responsibility

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Meanwhile, teenager’s environment is focusing. The Rusada announced a “examination” against the supervisors and supervisors of the athlete, Adams said the IOC would “welcome” such a procedure of the Wada.

Meanwhile, Walijewas trainer Eteri Tutberidse in the social networks came into Russia. The hashtag “shame on tutberidse” was shared at Twitter in Russia thousand times. Tutberidse (47) is known for its hard training methods.

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Already on Thursday, Germany’s figure skating legend, Katarina Witt Walijewa in protection and its team had taken visor. “As athlete, the advice of his trusted and in this case always first follows the coaching and medical team,” wrote the Olympic champion of 1984 and 1988 on Facebook: “If any, the responsible adults belong forever blocked for the sports!”

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