LOL: Xmatty and the gap between LEC and ERL: “I felt that almost everyone hated me”

As the lec partially returns face-to-face this week, team BDS will have the privilege of acting twice on stage. The team will try to take advantage of this dynamic to relaunch after a fourth deficient week in which it ended at 0-2. Currently at the weak point of classification, the Swiss structure is very aware that its position is not ideal if you want to aspire to get a place in the playoffs.

But as BDS lives its first year in the maximum category of Europe, there are many positive signs and players seem to be progressing week after week. After Adam , nucleall or cinkrof , our French colleagues had the opportunity to interview Xmatty , another former student of Karmine Corp. Very criticized in his early parties, he spoke Of his sensations and the new pressure discovered with LEC. The Briton does not intend to be overcome in no case and is determined to succeed.

Transcription of the interview to Spanish

Hello Xmatty, how do you feel after this complicated match against Mad Lions?

BDS Xmatty _: To be honest, it stinks to lose like this and I feel we could have won. But, in more general terms, we work well this week, in particular to play better at the beginning of the games, something that we progress at this point. Even so, there are positive aspects despite the defeat and even if it is plotted a bit, the playoffs are still possible if we continue improvement.

BDS now has 3 victories and 6 defeats. How do you value your start of season? Is it satisfying?

_Ihead, before starting my first season in LEC, if someone had asked me, I would have said that I would like to start with a 9-0, but you have to be realistic! After this 3-6 average, I personally had been happy with a 5-4 or something similar. However, our situation is not catastrophic, there are teams behind and in front, some not far away. A good start for the second half of the split and I think we could go back to normal! _

As you say, it’s your first year in LEC and before you played in different ERL, including LFL. How do you find the level in the European elite? Is there a great gap with the regional leagues?

_There is a great gap with the best teams of LEC such as Rogue, Vitality and Fnatic, is not even comparable. G2 and MAD are also much better equipment. But if we talk about lower equipment such as SK or Astralis, it’s fine. This type of equipment I do not know if they would win ERL even.

And at the pressure level, although at the moment you are not playing on the scenario, do you feel that it is superior and that your type of game makes it difficult for you or is not a lot of difference?

_ Definitely I feel more pressure, because it is the lec but also because the reactions of the community are much stronger. I did not have a good start and the reactions were very negative… I felt that almost everyone hated me. But I really want to show that we can do it better._

The previous weeks I had the opportunity to talk to some of your colleagues such as Adam, Nuclearint or Cinkrof. They all told me they were very happy to play with a team like this. Was it important for you to evolve with players you already knew?

_ It is always great to play with people you already know. The most important thing is to know what is about people with whom you like to work and with which it is easy to get along.

I do not know if you can give me this type of information, but when you signed with BDS, did you already know that Adam and Cinkrof would be your partners?

I do not know if I can say it… but I imagine there’s no problem. When I signed, I knew that Cinkrof would be on the team, but I had no idea who would be the Toplaner! _

And finally, I do not want to forget about Limit, your Botlane partner. How are things between you two?

_ As teammate, Limit is great. Our synergy is decent, although it is true that we still need some time to improve. This week we played pretty well on the botlane, much better than in previous weeks. I like to work with him and there is potential.

I would also like to know your opinion about the race by the title. You, who played against very competent teams, are Fnatic and Team Vitality the biggest competitors?

Creal that we have to talk about Rogue right now. But I think for the playoffs, Vitality and Fnatic will be a bit over… after that’s complicated, I’m not guessing and I do not know how things will evolve.


In terms of objectives, what is your personal goal for this year?

Really I do not have a specific objective in terms of classification. It does not seem very realistic to tell yourself that you have to end up in a specific place like 4º or 2º. For me, I especially want to progress every week to become a better version of myself. I prefer to keep a flexible mind.

Finally, I would like to know if you have stayed in touch with your Karmine Corp Excompany who are still in LFL and if you have a message for them. The truth is that since I left I have not talked a lot with the team, apart from Reha, the analyst. Obviously I saw that they had a complicated beginning, but they have recovered very well since then. I enjoyed my time in Karmine and I wish you successful to KC, that the team continues writing your own story. Foto: LOL ESPORTS /// ORIGINAL OF MGG FR ###

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