No plans for a Live series

Nowadays, it seems that all successful franchise must have their own cinematographic universe, which could also end up expanding towards television. Universal brought back to the jurassic park franchise thanks to jurassic world , but your plans will not end there. However, the possibilities of seeing a series live-action are very low, according to the producers of the saga.

Frank Marshall, producer of Jurassic World, revealed that currently “there are no plans” to develop a series live-action of the franchise. In a new interview with / Film, Marshall said that these monsters will stay at the cinema, at least for now.

“For now I’m just interested in movies. So I have not thought of a Live-Action series. I do not even talk about it. As I said before, we have an animated series with Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous. I think that’s enough for now. “

CQ live- No Plans for Love

In the world of video games, Jurassic World has also had a strong presence and not a long time ago _ Jurassic World Evolution 2 _, a simulator where you can manage your own thematic park. Here you can take a look at our review in case you are a fan of the saga.

Editor’s note: If you had to bet, I would say that it is a matter of time for Jurassic World to have its own Live-Action series. Once they end up with the new trilogy, surely their producers will begin to think how to maintain the relevant saga, and what better way than with a series.

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