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As a AAA-class blockbuster game, it means a masterpiece with power that focuses on gamers based on a distinctive story as if it looks like a movie. Based on this, it is also a number of businesses using the power of storytelling, such as a series and a drama, and this is a long-term value of the game. But it is because it is too conglomerate. Many giga titles are also responding to ‘predictable contents’ separately from colorful production.

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There are many of them looking for an indie game that stands out in this way. The scale is small, but because there is a potential to create a world that can not be predicted based on your own philosophy. The game will be introduced today. It is a game called ‘city’ that only built with a trip to a trip to the game right away.

‘The small project, which started to create a direct game,’ which was not to be able to find the game they want, “the small project, which started with a fun reason, has been sponsored by the Tumble Bud Fund, which started in December last year,. The team members are all 3D meat and have a 2D game that loves 2D games (2D). Game Mecca talked about the “city” with them.

Story of ‘City’ filled with achromatic space

‘City’ is a game that contains the story of the city, and is a game that contains the story of the tangled secrets, which is a PC game that is being made in a 2D transverse scrolling manner. The genre is a mystery thriller, and the stery is high enough to account for a high proportion. So, in the studio, the gamers have a one-way story line that can easily sympathize to the story. Indeed, it is said that the newsletter of the Mister’s Events and Night Inn The Woods is trying to refer to the original atmosphere that the games have had.

In this place, pores with a variety of abilities are being mixed with the general citizens. ‘City’ deals with stories that are developing centering on the 4th person who is living in this city. While digging the secrets, you can meet with other psychic characters, and you can feel a year-old atmosphere that surrounds the city through their stories. In this way, the studio man is preparing to deeply taste the unique world view through a substation that is divided into a large stem.

The background of the game is a white-white city that is made only in autumn. It is empty, empty, empty and empty. The two and black, this two meanings are clear, and the correlation of naturally correlates naturally. Ready for positive and negative aspects. However, the symbolic symbol of the two colors that ‘city’ shows is a little different from the general myth.

The studio two, “Too bright light, too dark shadows, are the negative elements that make people blind the eyes of people. ‘ It is a frame that implies that the form of a form that does not look at the side of the electron can not be seen by the side can proceed, and the latter is a framing that hidden and steals, just stealing, and stealing, In fact, the black color of the background is used as a means of being a means of reality donation or indifference is a negative form that is reminiscent, and all the protagonists who ran a white background are a main story line to be struggling to escape from a surrounding disaster.

The ‘City’ to make the studio Dandeli said that it was aimed at mystery thriller, and it was differentiated by themselves. Somewhat dynasty has been sufficient to attract many of the interests of the cities that have occurred in achromatic towns containing human messages, and the cities of each emergence.

Games expected to be in the future

The more the game, the longer the development period, the longer the development period. A total of four chapters, the ‘city’, aims to launch a formal launch in 2024. As long as the long-term project, as a Tumbling Community and Twitter, it is constantly informing the development status through official SNS, and the fans will be able to display the demo version that can experience the game directly in June this year.

Currently, the ‘city’ is 443 tumbled, 443, and Twitter followers, and the first page has been successfully written. It is now expected to be a forward-looking forward to the preparation of authentic production.

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