FC Bayern | Sane shows understanding for whistles of Bavaria

After a mixed first season at FC Bayern, Leroy Sané followed a weak em with the national team, which finally crashed him into a crisis. At the beginning of the season, the 26-year-old had to fight with a molding depression and with weak achievements then moved to the grudge of Bayern fans. On the second matchday, the offensive star at the 3-2 win against the 1st FC Cologne in the Allianz Arena was exhorted.

“At that moment, I was angry,” Sané said the “kicker” and stressed, “but on me and my performance and not on the fans.” For the response of the audience, the national player showed understanding and explained that this is now one of the performance finally crasheds. “If you play well, all are cheerful. If you play bad, are all on the scolding,” says Sané.

On public criticism followed an immense increase in performance of the 26-year-old. From the starting element Sané is now hardly indispensable. Twelve goals and 13 templates in 28 competitive plays speak a clear language.

In Munich, he is now “at a hundred percent”, Sané promised. He was fit and feel good. That’s why he does not let himself be fooled. “I believe in me and do not let me intimidate,” he let know.

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Sané takes flick praise noted

That the mood tipped into his favor, he gets involved. “I feel the recognition of the fans,” Sané explained.

Even national coach Hansi Flick praised him last publicly. Especially the adoption of the dribble artist impress him. “He loses the ball and goes immediately – that’s what we expect, and also what the fans demand from him,” said Flick of the “Frankfurter general Sunday newspaper”.

Although Sané is a recent development, but at the same time he also realizes that he does not imagine anything – and does not attach great importance to intercession: “It is not that I absolutely need the praise.”

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