Elden Ring Map apparently has tremendous dimensions – nine times greater than in the network test

In a pre-preview to the complete version of Elden Ring selected players were tested in front of the release, which has the soulslike to offer. For this, the test ends only had about five hours to explore the huge Open World.

A Kotaku editor has now noticed that it is probably not at the small map, the players are likely to know from the very first network test. Rather, he believes that the world could be so big nine times as in the original test.

Elden Ring Map is gigantic

How does he come to it? In the very first network test, players could already see the size of the first continent as a summary map. In another test, the editor fell on that on the top and below the card black bars were found, which would probably suggest another area.

The true certainty had the tester only with the current preview version. He discovered a chest and first checked whether it is a dangerous mimic chest. After opening the box, a mysterious fog rose from this and teleported it to a mysterious place.

On the overview map, it can be seen that the tester is in one of the most remote corners of the MAP. He estimates that the actual size of the card amounts to the ninefold of the first test area.

Our colleague Samara was also able to get an impression of Elden Ring in the Preview version. What she could experience in five hours see her here:

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Elden Ring Map Size Could be HUGE?! Full Game & CNT Map Size Comparison
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Map size should be enough

Can be that? Already in advance a Japanese Mook claimed that the game world should be so big even ten times as in the network test. Thus, the official information coincides with the observations of the editor.

However, it remains unclear which surface can actually be explored. It could be that large parts of the area consist of water and the proportion of the explorable land mass could only be a fourfold of the original continent size.

However, exploring land mass should provide just as high density on possibilities as the continent from the network test, players should have to do all their hands full of exploring every angle of the atmospheric Open World.

What size would you feel appropriate for the world of Elden Ring?

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