Tom Holland plays Uncharted 4 with disastrous results

The movie of Uncharted will finally come to cinemas next week, after what seems to have been a fairly chaotic production. In the past, Tom Holland said he was a great fan of this franchise and recently had the opportunity to test him playing him playing _ uncharted _ 4 in a new video. Unfortunately for the actor, things did not come out as he planned it.

YouTuber JackSeticeye invited Holland to the channel of it to talk with him on the film while the actor enjoyed one of the best levels of Uncharted 4 . However, A Holland did not go very well since he died more than three times in a lapse no longer than five minutes, and that he was playing in normal difficulty with activated shooting assists.

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It is clear that the actor does not have much experience in the field of videogames, however, he is not a hobby either that he has been taking a long time. It is also important to take into account that Holland is being interviewed at the same time that he is playing, so evidently, he does not have the same level of concentration as he was playing on his account. Anyway, let’s hope that the skills of him in the game are not transferred to the role of him on the big screen.

Uncharted reaches cinemas the February 17 of this year.

Editor’s note: I do not know why, but Uncharted movie does not feel very good. The fact that he has crossed by as many directors is definitely not a good signal at all, in addition to that these adaptations normally do not come out well. Hopefully at the end at least we have an experience that is worth seeing, and not a bordy as many expect.

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