LOL: Renata Glasc, all the skills of the new League of Legends champion

Renata Glasc has already been announced officially as the new League of Legends champion. The secret at voices for a few days, has been unveiled by everything high with a description of her skills included.

We knew that the new champion, on this occasion champion, would be a tremendously offensive and from Zaun. Little by little we were marrying the pieces until you think that she would be a t-tecnochemical bar, and not an arcane character. And that has ended up being true.

All Renata Glasc skills

As for the story of it, today we have known that Renata comes from a family of tremendously rich and philanthropistic ZaƱitas alchemists . Thanks to the vision of her future, Renata has become a key person to understand what happens in the district. She is a tremendously ambitious character and gala of a really advanced technology.

Renata Glasc will arrive at the PBE today, and after a couple of weeks on the League of Legends test server, Riot Games will launch it in the live game the next 12.4 patch, that is, on February 16.

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