LOL: A Rioter talks about the changes that Zeri will receive the next patch to balance her

The arrival of League of Legends’ season is being a total madness with a pretty strange metajame (as can be Janna Top with Smite) and the arrival of a new and new champion that is giving a lot to talk about: Zeri. The so-called spark of Zaun has been a true headache for both players and developers, being the protagonist of the patches of these weeks. However, it seems that the definitive balance will arrive in the next patch after having listened to the words of riot august **, designer of the champion and one of the most well-known faces of the developer.

The designer has been speaking long and laying the champion , of all his secrets of her of her and even some other build that can be fun. But it is true that Zeri urgently needed a change in her skills after taking some 10 days electrocutabo to everyone who crosses him in the loyalty crack. That is why August reported on the changes that Zaun’s spark will have on the next patch, as she needs a balance on her skills or basic attacks and believes that with these changes it can be used as a monster of _late game. _

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Among the most interesting novelties, we can find that your basics will not do so much damage , causing that we practically use the Q of it, which has a ridiculous cooldown. On the other hand, another quite novel change and that can give game with the objects that you buy is with its definitive of it, which from the next patch will inflict critical damage to everyone who. This will cause the _build to stick much more when we reach level 6 and we can have a little more damage in the first minutes of departure.

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